Recreational Double Boat Dives

Sydney Dive Charters operates weekly scheduled recreational double boat dives to dive sites that cater for all levels of certification and experience. Our dive sites have been selected to maximise our guest’s experience, and are located in and around the coast of Sydney Harbour. Scuba divers will dive along rock walls or around boulder fields that are covered in spectacular soft and hard corals or covered in beautifully coloured Sponges.

Typically divers can dive with Grey Nurse sharks, large and small schools of fish, including large pelagic Kingfish or smaller species of Tuna dependant on the dive site and the time of year. Found amongst the reef are many brightly coloured tropical and subtropical species of fish, giant Cuttlefish, Crayfish and black Bull Rays. We also dive along the reef edge looking for the Weedy Seadragons, which can be found hiding amongst the kelp gardens, a real treat for the avid underwater photographer.

Who Can Join Sydney Dive Charters On Our Double Boat Dives

Sydney Dive Charters operates recreational double boat dives for scuba divers who hold a minimum Open Water certificate from all training agencies such as PADI, GUE, NAUI, BSAC and SSI. Sydney Dive Charters does recommended that divers be Advanced certified, with a minimum 20 logged dives, as most of Sydney’s boat dive sites we visit, divers can go beyond 18 metres during their dive if they choose or plan to.

What To Expect While On-board Sydney Dive Charters Double Boat Dives

Divers who join Sydney Dive Charters recreational double boat dives will dive two different dive sites with a surface interval between dives. Divers will be given a detailed briefing of the two different dive sites before their dive. Sydney Dive Charters will also try to include one of Sydney’s best dive sites, wether it be scuba diving with Grey Nurse sharks at the Apartments or Magic Point Grey Nurse marine sanctuary or diving along walls with great sea life and structure, we also visit dive sites that can be dived as a drift dive using the current in one direction while the dive vessel follows the group along ready to pick the divers up as required or after a pre determined bottom time.

Sydney Dive Charters provides hot drinks, light snacks and spray jackets during the surface interval.

Minimum Certification - Open Water
Recommended Minimum Experience - 20 Logged Dives
Recommended Gas - 21% or Nitrox
Depth Range - 10 - 30 metres



Due to adverse weather conditions the Master can change dive sites on the day.

*** Check out our dive calendar to see availability for this dive site.

*** The Master will always anchor in an appropriate depth for the minimum certified diver aboard.

*** Sydney Dive Charters advises divers to dive within their experience and not to exceed their maximum depth of their certification or experience.

*** To view information on the Grey Nurse Critical Habitat area click this link

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