Australian Fur Seal

Scientific name: Arctocephalus pusillus doriferus

Large eyes, a pointed snout with plenty of whiskers, agile yet slightly rotund, clearly you’re in the presence of one Sydney’s most spectacular and playful sea mammals, the Australian fur seal.

Also known as the brown fur seal, the cape fur seal and the South African fur seal, this species of fur seal has successfully adapted to the encroachment of human civilisation – so much so, that they are found in abundance near Sydney and can be enjoyed year round on a dive with Sydney Dive Charters.

Dive with seals in Sydney!

Seals are a big animal, and yet they’re incredibly agile and powerful. The best way to see them is up close in their natural habitat by joining us on our Sydney Seal Dive!

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Every day is a good day to dive with Sydney Dive Charters. Whether you’re wanting to dive with Australian fur seals or grey nurse sharks or even to dive wrecks, we take you to Sydney’s best diving spots. Book a scuba dive with us today!

Quick facts on Australian Fur Seals

  • Sydney’s fur seal colony prefer rocky outcrops to lounge on.
  • Some seals have only one layer of fur, but Australian fur seals stay dry underwater thanks to two layers of fur (a dark-haired outer layer and a lighter undercoat of thicker hair.)
  • Seals have ears! They’re less noticeable than on a sea lion, but their small external ear flaps are visible all the same.
  • At maturity, the male Australian seal is noticeably larger than the female. The male bulls sport a coarse brown coloured fur coat whilst the cows present a silver grey fur with yellowish or soft tan highlights around the neck and chest (very stylish!)
  • They are the largest species of seals and can grow up to 3 metres (males).
  • Seal pups are born in the warmer months, from mid November to mid December when food sources (fish and crustaceans ) are plentiful.
  • They’ll mate 12 months before birth, but through a process of “embryonic diapause” the females will be able to delay the implantation of the embryo on the uterus wall for a few months, effectively “pausing” the seal embryo’s development to coincide with a birth in the months most conducive to the baby’s survival. 
  • Australian fur seals can stand on their large front flippers. Their hind fins are mainly used for navigation underwater.
  • The adult seal’s call is akin to a cow’s moo, whilst the pup bleats like a lamb. Those cries (or vocalisations) are important to reunite parents and pups once the former returns with food.
  • Australian fur seals do not migrate. They will remain in large social groups (colonies of between 500 and 1,500 members), often at sea travelling in small feeding groups only to return to their favourite rocky areas for breeding season.
  • They are excellent swimmers and can dive up to 500 m and as they can spend months at sea will even sleep underwater, waking up in intervals to breathe!
  • They’ll use their large eyes and sensitive whiskers to detect they prey (schools of mackerel or pilchard) in deeper, darker waters.


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Single Dive $69.00
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TSS Currajong Night Dive $120.00
Double Boat Dive $120.00
Technical Tec 1 Dive (40-51m) $99.00
Tec 1 Dive + 1 Recreational Dive $120.00
Technical Tec 2 Dive (51-78m) $150.00
Tec 2 “Peak” Dive $950 (full boat rate. max 6 divers)
Ex – HMAS Adelaide Double Dive $120.00
Freediving $220.00ph (10pax max)
Whale Watching $65.00
Charter Rate $POA
Freediver $120.00 pp

I had an awesome couple of dives on the Ex-HMAS Adelaide for my 100th dive. It was an amazing experience thanks to Jason’s excellent boat and service, his detailed briefing really helped me navigate the ship wreck.

Jono Page

We dive regularly with Jason. He really looks after us. Great diving. Love the boat. Dives run on time which let’s us get to work after our dives.

Mattuis and Ulli

I’ve chartered Sydney Dive Charters for my company’s annual Christmas party and we had a great time, the boat is great and Jason really went out of his way to accommodate our needs. I will definitely be back on board this year!

Chris Brown

“I’ve been diving with Jason aboard Sydney Dive Charters dive boat for nearly 3 years now and I keep coming back. I’ve had the pleasure of exploring and enjoying some of the best technical wrecks in the Sydney Region.  The boat makes for comfortable, easy diving – which when coupled with Jason’s local knowledge provides a complete service. There is nothing better than diving on a boat when you know the skipper is first and foremost a diver himself”

Chris Paul

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