Hire Gear

Recreational hire gear

Recreational hire gear offered by Sydney Dive Charters is all top of the range new scuba diving equipment.

We believe our customers deserve the best dive equipment when they dive with us, we are not like dive stores who provide low to medium quality hire gear which doesn’t correctly fit, and is old.

Our fist & second stage regulators are the very best and breath easily while diving.

Hire your gear when you book

The recreational hire gear you have selected during the online booking process is already set up and waiting for you aboard purpose built boat, which saves you times and money.

Sydney Dive Charters Master or Dive Master will go through your hire gear with you so you are familiar with its operation and is fitted correctly.

Full Set Hire Gear

Our Full Set hire gear comes in both air & nitrox packages. All Sydney Dive Charters Full Set gear hire include Scubapro MK25 first stage and S600 primary and secondary second stage regulators, multi gas computer, gauge, compass, wing BCD with integrated weights, 7mm wetsuit, mask, fins & booties.

Full Sets can be hired in a:

  • Single dive set which includes one tank or,
  • Double dive set which includes two tanks.

Scuba tanks for hire

Our hire tank range includes steel Faber 12.2lt and 15lt or aluminum 11lt tanks. We also offer the technical diver the choice of hiring twin steel tank sets of 12.2 or 15lt.

Scuba Tanks

Wetsuits for hire

Our wetsuit range includes 7mm or 5mm Scubapro one-piece suits. These new wetsuits have the zipper in the front, which relieves the restricted or choking feeling divers get when using the older type suits where the zipper is in the back of the suit. Sizing both male and female wetsuits in sizes from ex-small to XXXL.


Hire Wetsuit

Hire Wetsuit Size Chart

  • XS (155-160cm) 35-50kg
  • Small (160-165cm) 55-65kg
  • Medium (short) – (165-170cm) 55-70kg
  • Medium – (175-180cm) 75-85kg
  • Large (short) – (170-175cm) 60-75kg
  • Large – (180-185cm) 80-90kg
  • XL – (185-190cm) 85kg-95kg
  • XXL – (190-195cm) 90-100kg
  • XXXL – (>195cm) 95-105kg

BCD’s for hire

Sydney Dive Charters offers 40lb Scubapro or Halcyon single wing BCD’s, these come with the integrated weight system. Wing BCD’s are by far the best type of buoyancy compensating device for divers as their horse shoe design bladder is located on the divers back surrounding the tank, this not only gives the diver more arm freedom but assists the diver to dive in proper trim, this will increase divers dive time by reducing the amount of gas he or she consumes through the dive. Diver’s can also select weight belts if required.

30lb or 40lbs Scubapro wing BCD

40lbs Halcyon wing BCD

Regulators for hire

We believe our customers deserve the best dive gear when they hire gear, and this includes our regulators. Our primary regulators are Scubapro Mk25/ S600 or Mk25/ G260, these regulators are widely referred to as the best and the easiest to breathe and exhale from. Divers can choose their regular depending on your preference or if you are a technical diver using the regulator as a stage reg.

Scubapro Mk25/ S600

Scubapro Mk25/ G260

Mask & fins for hire

Sydney Dive Charters range of hire mask, fins and booties are all Scubapro 2019 / 2020 models; designed for comfort and easy of use.

Mask / Fins & Booties






SMB’s 1.4m/1.9m/1.9m wide

Reels 30m/45m/60m

Technical diving gear hire

Sydney Dive Charters offers our technical divers top of the range Halcyon dive equipment. Including all of the listed items.

  • Twin 12lt complete set
  • Twin 15lt complete set
  • Twin tanks 12.2lt
  • Twin tanks 15lt
  • Halcyon 40lb wing with Stainless steel backplate
  • Halcyon 60lb wing with Stainless steel backplate
  • Stage Tanks (6M)
  • Stage Tanks (21M) – 50/50
  • Stage Tanks (36M) – 35/25
  • Twin tank regulator set



Twin 12lt complete set

Twin 15lt complete set

Twin tanks 12.2lt

Twin tanks 15lt

12.2 / 15Lt Steel Faber Tanks

Halcyon Evolve 40lb wing with Stainless backplate & harness

5.5Lt Alum Stage Tank (6M-21M) 100%-50%

11Lt Alum Stage Tanks (6M) 100% oxygen

11Lt Alum Stage Tanks (21M) – 50% oxygen

11Lt Alum Stage Tanks (36M) – 35/25

3Lt Alum Tank Argon/ Air (Wing/BCD)

Come dive with us!

Sydney diving doesn’t get much better than this. Dive Sydney with the best scuba diving team in the business!

Amanda Carroll
Amanda Carroll
20:57 02 Feb 20
We had such an amazing dive with Sydney Dive Charters this weekend - loads of sharks and a Weedy Sea Dragon! So professional, impeccable service, they clearly know the dive sites so well which comes with years of experience and local knowledge, makes such a difference to making a dive good to great, relaxed, efficient easy going. Boat was spotless and well maintained, rental equipment good quality. I look forward to diving with Jason and his team again soon. Thank you guys!
Libby T
Libby T
21:44 27 Jan 20
Great experience with a professional, friendly, and helpful dive team. Jason gave clear briefings, had a great boat set up that is perfect for diving, and provided top of the line hire gear. Jason has great local knowledge, and makes safety a priority. Looking forward to diving with them again.
Chloe et Benjamin .
Chloe et Benjamin .
07:46 26 Jan 20
Amazing diving trip with Jason and his crew! Great gear and logistic. Discovered some of the most beautiful underwater creatures. Jason knows where to find the best spots in Sydney bay and how to improvise when schedule doesn’t go as planned.
Jacintha Symes
Jacintha Symes
04:27 17 Dec 19
Thanks Jason and Kate. We had a great day diving out to the apartments and Coral gardens. On time, will organised, friendly and warm people. Great value ! See you next time Jason !
Andrew Cronan
Andrew Cronan
23:28 16 Dec 19
Great double dive. Quality rental gear and a capable crew. Highly recommended. Andrew
Mick G B
Mick G B
02:33 10 Dec 19
Had a great day diving with Kate. Jason runs a solid operation. Awesome hire gear and boat. Highly recommend
sidney Mendonca
sidney Mendonca
02:20 09 Dec 19
Excellent dive, Jason and kate are very professional and friendly. The boat was comfortable and the dive sites were amazing. I would like give my special thank Jason as I left my wallet on the boat (luckily, it didn't fall to the water) , Jason Found it and called straightway. Thanks mate .
Kasia Brulinski
Kasia Brulinski
15:43 04 Dec 19
Thank you Jason and Kate for an amazing diving experience. As a relative beginner, I was a little nervous about my double-dive, but the team were so friendly and warm that I immediately felt comforable. The diving equipment was all new and state of the art, which made a world of difference, and the dives and visibility were spectacular. I look forward to coming back for more dives with this professional, passionate and kind team. Thanks again!
21:29 02 Dec 19
Well organized, we hired equipment, was good and thrustworty. Enthousiast crew and good dive sites and diving. Mark and Sandra
Rajdeep Roy
Rajdeep Roy
07:55 02 Dec 19
Great day out & a diving experience with Jason. His boat dive instructions are very clear and precise and helps every diver before entry and exit. The best part is when the divers are below, Jason makes sure that there's no other non-diving boat in the vicinity & keeps all the divers feel safe to surface. Gr8 job mate!
Yaofeng KONG
Yaofeng KONG
02:10 24 Sep 19
Amazing experience! Excellent boat crew, caring about the customers. Recommended to everyone!
Claudia Gilbert
Claudia Gilbert
12:01 21 Aug 19
Jason is so knowledgeable and despite being on a course... I learnt a heap from his advice and experience as well... he was also very caring and considerate... which I really appreciated 😉
D Abela
D Abela
11:55 19 Aug 19
This was our third time diving with Jason & Sydney Dive charters and we're looking forward to many more. Jason, a true dive professional, has an enormous wealth of diving knowledge and runs the dives smoothly and safely. We have done a few courses on his dive charters and have the utmost respect for him and the charters he runs. We thoroughly enjoy the diving and information and knowledge we gain every time we dive with Sydney Dive charters.
Paul Kirk
Paul Kirk
11:20 18 Aug 19
I’ve never seen such a well organised, clean and tidy boat which to me, means someone really knows what they’re doing, I’m in good knowledgeable, safe hands and they take pride in their work and I respect that. Jason and his dive boat are a 5-star AAA operation that won’t disappoint.
Javier López
Javier López
22:56 29 Jul 19
Great diving experience. Jason is very knowleadgeable and he made sure our dives were enjoyable and fun. We managed to see Sharks, Weedy sea dragons and many other interesting sea life!. The service is excellent and booking through the web is so easy that it makes the experience even better. I will definitely go with them in my next dives in Sydney!
Meg King
Meg King
09:41 23 Jun 19
Great dive experience with Jason and Xavier. I would highly recommend his service. They took great care of me and all my gear was all top notch. I will definitely be going out with him again.
Arie B
Arie B
05:13 29 May 19
Excellent communication and easy to organise our dives. Professional service with attention to detail. At no stage was anyone rushed to get into the water. Catered for all abilities. Very impressed. Will definitely book again
Roger O'Connor
Roger O'Connor
08:57 13 May 19
Great boat with a amazing crew best dive experience so far with Sydney dive charters i have being out with other dive centers boats and if conditions are not right they will all ways look for the easiest dive site . Even with big swell Jason was happy to go to the dive site we wanted..... Matt was a great guide...... I highly recommend these guys for a great dive experience in Sydney
Ilaria Caccamo
Ilaria Caccamo
09:53 12 May 19
Great diving. Jason is very professional and has great experience that allowed us to dive in safety without giving up a more challenging dive site despite tough weather conditions. He is always dedicated to the customers happiness and safety and always goes an extra mile to help out. Great addition to the team with the Dive Master Matt that perfectly guided our dives today. We saw heaps of sharks and a really giant cuttlefish. The boat is very comfortable and well equipped also with a toilet available. In addition the rental gear available from Jason is excellent quality.
00:56 23 Apr 19
Excellent day out! Highly recommended! I was considering going with another company, and was very happy I chose Sydney Dive Charters instead! New high quality gear, no ripped wetsuits and a good briefing on how to use it all! Jason was very knowledgeable and set us up in the best conditions as he knows the Sydney coast like no one else. Our dive guide was great, he also made the trip very memorable. I will be back again 100%
Raychel Follis
Raychel Follis
18:47 04 Apr 19
Such a good time diving with Sydney Dive Charters. Knowledgeable, professional and fun. They delivered on everything they said. The boat was comfortable and the tanks were full. Thanks again Jason! It was a perfect first dive in Australia, you set a very high standard for us!
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