Technical Boat Dive - Tec 1 (40-51m)

Sydney Dive Charters operates technical boat dives to over 25 wrecks; our dive boat departs weekly on Thursday and Sunday mornings at 0700am from Sydney Harbour. Our purpose built charter boat departs Rose Bay wharf or Little Manly boat ramp and heads for one of 25 ship wrecks off the coast. We also operate from Pittwater’s Careel Bay Marina, Botany Bay and Port Hacking. Sydney Dive Charters technical boat dive - Tec 1 dives are for technical divers who are certified by any agency such as GUE, PADI, SSI, TDI, LART, CMAS, LANTD and BSAC to dive 40-51metres.

Why Join Sydney Dive Charters for Technical Boat Dive - Tec 1 Dives

Our purpose built Kevlacat commercial vessel is surveyed for 10 divers using twin tanks or CCR rebreathers. Divers stage cylinders and scooters are stowed in twin dive racks and each diver has an on board crate for other equipment. Sydney Dive Charters dive boat has twin 300hp outboards and comfortably reaches any Tec 1 dive site in around 30min. The Master and crew have decades of experience technical diving Sydney and will provide assistance gearing up and entering and exiting the water. The Master will also tailor the surface support required by the dive team so decompression can be done safely.

Technical Boat Dive - Tec 1 Dive Sites

Sydney’s coast has hundreds of shipwrecks and many ships that were scuttled to make artificial reefs. Sydney Dive Charters operates to over 25 wrecks in the tec 1 depth range. These wrecks are continually changing, with a large variety of marine life covering the wreck and swimming around them so they can be dive regularly. We are always searching for lost shipwrecks as they’re still hundreds to be located.

Dive Boat Comfort, Capacity and Safety

Sydney Dive Charters purpose built dive boat is a catamaran type with twin hull's providing a perfect stable dive platform for scuba divers, reducing vessel movement for customers and crew alike, the vessel holds 10 divers, plus crew comfortably. The dive boat has a toilet or (head) in the forward cabin for all onboard. When boarding divers either enter via the port side midship walkway when boarding from a wharf or via the stern entry and exit area via the dive ladder, this entry is used when we board via a beach such as Little Manly or Long Bay Beach. Our boat dive deck layout allows scuba divers to be seated with their back to their own dive equipment or if they have selected online our top of range hire gear, this hire gear will already be prepared, checked and ready for use after our Dive Master or Master gives each customer a briefing on its safe use. The boat dive deck layout also allows all the divers to face each other so everyone can discuss the upcoming dives or what they have seen on the previous dive adventure, when heading out to one of Sydney Dive Charters selected dive sites, divers can discuss or organise their buddy, dive gear or what they would like to see and listen to the detailed pre departure safety briefing or the dive site briefing given by either the Master or Dive Master. Sydney Dive Charters provides each scuba diver with their own dive crate located directly under their seat located on the tank rack, this dive crate is used to store divers fins, mask, dive bag etc. the Port and Starboard (left and right) tank racks can be converted into comfortable seating for charters that don't require customers having dive equipment. Our tank racks safely secure each divers one or two tanks using brackets and straps, once the dive boat reach's the dive site divers simply get their masks and fins organised and/ or donned , unsecure their BCD and tank, put it on while seated, when ready stand up and hold one of the many handrails for stability, then take a few steps to the aft exit and entry area before entering the water via a giant stride entry. Once the diver is in the water they can hold onto a mermaid line if a current or conditions require, divers may also be instructed to do so by the dive guide, if conditions allow divers can make their way to the bow with their buddy where the anchor is located ready for descent. Our dive crew will assist every diver when entering and exiting the water, and will do a final gear check before the giant stride entry, when the diver returns he or she climbs up the purpose built dive ladder wearing their fins, when they reach the top and stand on the deck our crew will remove their fins prior to the diver walking assisted back to their nominated seat to safely secure or change over their dive tank making it ready for their next dive after a surface interval.  Sydney Dive Charters has all the safety equipment including RFD (life raft), lifejackets, flares, radio, EPIRB, fire extinguishers, first aid, and oxygen in case of diver emergency's, our staff are all highly qualified and experienced first aid trained.

Pickup Locations To Dive Sydney's Technical Tec - 1 Dive Sites

Sydney Dive Charters offers several different pickup locations for technical or deep boat dives, picking up in Sydney Harbour, either at Little Manly Boat Ramp or Rose Bay Public Wharf which are our regular daily pickup locations for technical diving. Both these pickup locations require dive boat travel times to most of our Sydney Wreck Dive Sites of 10 - 50min. Sydney Dive Charters also offers pickups from Long Bay, Malabar, when diving any number of the offshore wrecks located south of Maroubra. This beach pickup is only 5 minutes boat travel to Magic Point, however a group booking will need to be organised to select this dive boat pickup point for the technical / tec - 1 or recreational boat dives. Pickups from Careel Bay Marina, Pittwater, Bayview Boat Ramp, Pittwater, when diving the ship wreck of the EX-HMAS Adelaide or a range of other Sydney dive sites north of Narrabeen on Sydney's Northern Beaches. If a private charters is organised we can pickup from anywhere as required if safe to do so. 

Hire Gear On-board Sydney Dive Charters Technical Tec 1 Boat Dives

Sydney Dive Charters has a full range of the very best top quality hire gear range including Scubapro, Halcyon, Faber steel tanks or aluminium tanks and has all dive gases such as air, nitrox, helium, and oxygen, dive gases can be blended on request when dive certification is provided. Sydney Dive Charters hire gear BCD's are Scubapro Tec Wing's which allows scuba divers to get the very most out of their Sydney diving. Scuba divers when booking their Sydney boat dives can add-on any variety of our top of the range hire gear simply by adding on the hire gear package that best suits their needs for the day boat diving.

Click here to checkout Sydney Dive Charters range of top quality hire gear or click the Gear Hire tab on the top of the bar located on the Home Page.

Sydney Dive Charters provides hot drinks, light snacks and spray jackets during the return journey.

Minimum Certification - Tech 40
Recommended Minimum Experience - 100 logged dives
Recommended Gas - as required Deco Gases - as required
Depth Range - 40-51 metres



Due to adverse weather conditions the Master can change dive sites on the day.

***Click here to see our 'Wreck dive sites' 

*** Check out our dive calendar to see availability for this dive site.

***Sydney Dive Charters caters for open circuit, CCR, side mount and scooters. Numbers on board are limited to 8 due to the amount of dive gear required.

***Sydney Dive Charters offers customers the option of a double dive which includes a single technical dive followed by a single shallow dive after a surface interval, usually dived at the Apartments.

*** For more information on wreck see link

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