Seriola lalandi

Also known as the Australian Kingfish, Yellowtail Kingfish, Southern Yellowtail Amberjack is an angler and chef favourite. Delicious in sushi or on the BBQ, it’s not surprising why this spectacular pelagic fish was overfished to the point of exhaustion in and around Sydney Harbour.

Now Kingies are back and their large schools will put on a show at some of our favourite dive sites.

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Dive with grey nurse sharks in Sydney

For the very best shark diving experience in Sydney, join us as we dive Sydney’s top shark diving spots.

Quick Facts on Grey Nurse Sharks

  • Kingfish are easily spooked by a diver lights. When lights are shone at the school, they will brake up and move off.

  • Schools of Kingfish will often circle a diver or group of scuba divers with their lights on for many minutes before moving off.

  • Kingfish are more commonly encountered by Sydney scuba divers during early morning scuba dives.

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Sydney Scuba Dive Costings

All prices include GST. Prices are per person.

Single Dive $69.00
Single Night Dive $69.00
TSS Currajong Night Dive $120.00
Double Boat Dive $120.00
Technical Tec 1 Dive (40-51m) $99.00
Tec 1 Dive + 1 Recreational Dive $120.00
Technical Tec 2 Dive (51-78m) $150.00
Tec 2 “Peak” Dive $950 (full boat rate. max 6 divers)
Ex – HMAS Adelaide Double Dive $120.00
Freediving $220.00ph (10pax max)
Whale Watching $65.00
Charter Rate $POA
Freediver $120.00 pp

I had an awesome couple of dives on the Ex-HMAS Adelaide for my 100th dive. It was an amazing experience thanks to Jason’s excellent boat and service, his detailed briefing really helped me navigate the ship wreck.

Jono Page

We dive regularly with Jason. He really looks after us. Great diving. Love the boat. Dives run on time which let’s us get to work after our dives.

Mattuis and Ulli

I’ve chartered Sydney Dive Charters for my company’s annual Christmas party and we had a great time, the boat is great and Jason really went out of his way to accommodate our needs. I will definitely be back on board this year!

Chris Brown

“I’ve been diving with Jason aboard Sydney Dive Charters dive boat for nearly 3 years now and I keep coming back. I’ve had the pleasure of exploring and enjoying some of the best technical wrecks in the Sydney Region.  The boat makes for comfortable, easy diving – which when coupled with Jason’s local knowledge provides a complete service. There is nothing better than diving on a boat when you know the skipper is first and foremost a diver himself”

Chris Paul

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