Top Sydney Shark Dives

1. The Apartments

The Apartments is the best Sydney dive site to see the Grey Nurse sharks. The Apartments has been a mating location for Sydney’s endangered grey nurse sharks for at least a half a century.

The best time to see the sharks is in summer

Grey nurse shark numbers increase from December and they peak around April/May, so diving in Sydney’s summer months is the ideal time to scuba dive with these amazing creatures.

The water temperature is a major factor for shark numbers and they’ll start to congregate in larger numbers when the water temperature reaches 20 to 25 degrees which is the optimal temperature range.

Our protocol when diving with Sydney’s grey nurse sharks

There is of course no guarantee the sharks will be there on your dive day; even under optimal conditions. We’re dealing with wild animals who have their own agenda. On every dive to the Apartments, we brief divers on the correct protocol when interact with Sydney marine life.

We do not attempt to touch the sharks, but rather stay still on the rock walls out of their way. Underwater scooters are also not used so as not to scare off the sharks due to the noise.

Grey nurse sharks will let you know when they’re feeling threatened

Grey nurse sharks will turn rapidly and give a sonic tail snap when they feel threatened, so divers will quickly realise when the shark determines they are getting too close. The resounding snap will be quite audible underwater as sound travels three times as fast as on land.

When not feeling threatened, the grey nurse sharks may get to within a few meters of divers, particularly when encountered at the valley – an expanse where in some narrow spots you’ll be surrounded by small fish – which sometimes leads to exciting encounters when grey nurse sharks suddenly appear through the schools of fish.

Grey nurse sharks in close proximity

At the rear of the valley there is a small sand patch and it is there where divers can see approximately 20 to 25 sharks in an area of less than 10m3. Visibility can vary from 5m to 40m. Many sharks can also be encountered at the big rock east of the main drop-off for this dive site.

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2. Magic Point

Magic Point has been one of Sydney’s top shark dive sites – famous for its significant concentrations of grey nurse sharks. During the summer peak season, as many as 30 to 40 grey nurse sharks can be seen at the entrance to a cave. The cave is located at the bottom of a wall that drops from 7m to 16m. At the cave’s entrance, there is a large flat sand patch which the divers use as a viewing platform.

Some ground rules for diving with grey nurse sharks at Magic Point

For everyone’s safety, including that of the sharks, all our scuba divers are asked to respect the following rules when diving at Magic Point.

First off, divers are not allowed to enter the cave and they must keep a respectful distance with the sharks. Grey nurse shark encounters take place along the reef edge. Divers will see them as they head down the boulder slope to the sand edge at between 18m to 23m

Beyond the sharks there’s still plenty to see on this great Sydney dive

Past the sand edge, our diving group head towards the small kelp/soft coral gardens which typically feature the amazing weedy seadragons. Up to 8 weedy seadragons can usually be seen on one dive (if your dive guide keeps an eye out for them.)

Weedy Seadragons are quite hard to find as they use the gardens as natural camouflage. They also see you coming and move around to ensure there’s always an obstacle between them and any perceived threat.

Pineapple fish on display!

Divers can also see pineapple fish in this area. These rare fish can be found along the ledges or small caves encountered on this dive. The pineapple fish’s skin has a white or silvery appearance with distinctive markings along their body.

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A popular Sydney dive spot where the sharks’ well-being is paramount

dive groups may need to sequence their dives if other groups are around as there is a maximum number of 12 scuba divers at one time at the cave entrance to limit the stress on the sharks.

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Single Dive $79.00
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Double Boat Dive $120.00
Technical Tec 1 Dive (40-51m) $99.00
Tec 1 Dive + 1 Recreational Dive $120.00
Technical Tec 2 Dive (51-78m) $150.00
Tec 2 “Peak” Dive $950 (full boat rate. max 6 divers)
Ex – HMAS Adelaide Double Dive $120.00
Freediving $220.00ph (10pax max)
Whale Watching $65.00
Charter Rate $POA
Freediver $120.00 pp

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