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Magic Point Grey dive site is located in a dedicated Grey Nurse marine sanctuary located off Magic Point, Maroubra. Sydney Dive Charters double boat dives include dives at Magic Point and a second different dive site after a surface interval. Grey Nurse sharks have a long history living at Magic Point; they congregate in a large cave found at the base of a drop off or wall. This cave is where the sharks congregate for mating; divers can closely interact with male and female Grey Nurse sharks. Male Grey Nurse sharks can reach in excess of 3 metres in length; shark numbers regularly reach 20–25 during mating season.

How Do Divers Dive Magic Point

The Magic Point dive site is located on a reef only 30m from Magic Point headland. After a short boat ride Sydney Dive Charters starts the dive by anchoring in approximately 7 metres of water on a rocky reef. Divers descend the vessels anchor line, it’s  very easy for open water divers to get their buoyancy adjusted before heading for the reef drop off. The shark cave is at a depth of 16 metres, with the reef edge at 23 metres.

As this area is a shark sanctuary divers are restricted from entering the shark cave. We advise divers to knell in a semi circle on a sand patch at the cave entrance to watch the action and get some great photos and videos.

What Can Dives See At Magic Point

Other than Grey Nurse sharks Magic Point dive site also has an abundance of marine life living along the reef in both directions from the cave. Found around the cave entrance are schools of Bait and Catfish that swim around divers in tight formation. When divers have finished watching and photographing the Grey Nurse sharks they can swim down and along the reef edge. Here they will dive through gardens of sponge and soft corals while looking for other residents such as the 2–3 metre black Bull Rays. Also commonly seen are Pineapple fish, and numerous Wobbygong and Port Jackson sharks or several Weedy Seadragons which are found in the kelp gardens.

Pickup Locations To Dive Magic Point

Sydney Dive Charters offers two different locations for diver pickups, Malabar beach. This beach pickup is only 5 minutes boat travel to Magic Point. Pickups from both Little Manly boat ramp and Rose Bay public wharf are also offered. Both these Harbour pickup locations require 30 minutes boat travel time.

Sydney Dive Charters provides hot drinks and light snacks and spray jackets during the surface interval, we also recommends that divers bring cameras for underwater photography as this dive site has an abundance of life.

Minimum Certification – Open Water
Recommended Minimum Experience – 10 Logged Dives
Recommended Gas – 21% or Nitrox
Depth Range– 7-23 metres



Due to adverse weather conditions the Master can change dive sites on the day.  

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