Apartments – Grey Nurse Shark Dive

Apartments - Double Boat Dive

Sydney Dive Charters operates scheduled boat dives to the Apartments, located off Long Reef, north of Sydney. The Apartments is considered the best recreational boat dive site Sydney has to offer. This spectacular dive site is part of a shear rock shelf or drop off that runs parallel to the shore or north to south.

Grey Nurse Sharks At The Apartments

The Apartments is home to a colony of Grey Nurse sharks, which congregate in several large gutters. Many large male and female Grey Nurse sharks gather for mating at the Apartments with numbers exceeding 20 for many months of the year.

Apartments Marine Life

Southern Promfrets are found in the thousands in dense schools throughout the Apartments. Other schooling fish such as Whiting and the pelagic Kingfish are all encountered. Schools of predatory fish can and will circle the divers before moving along the wall looking for food. 

This section of the wall has many caves and swim throughs which are covered in hard and soft colourful corals. These interconnecting caves are great for the scuba diver to explore.  While divers are exploring the large swim throughs or looking into the many caves, they can  commonly see the very friendly colourful Giant Cuttlefish.

Other marine life divers regularly see are resident big black Bull Rays, Moorish Idols, Wobbygong and Port Jackson sharks and the very friendly and inquisitive Groupers.

What To Expect When Diving The Apartments

Our purpose built dive boat anchors right in the Apartments, in a depth range of 10-16 metres. After a detailed briefing divers will descend the anchor line in the general area where the Grey Nurse sharks are commonly found. Divers will swims through thousands for small schooling fish while proceeding along the wall exploring the many caves that are covered in colourful corals.

Where Is The Apartments Dive Site

The Apartments dive site is located a nautical mile or so off Long Reef beach, which is north of Sydney Harbour on Sydney's northern beaches. This is around 20 minutes boat travel time in our comfortable fast purpose built dive charter boat.

You will be provides hot drinks and light snacks and spray jackets during the surface interval. It is also recommends that divers bring cameras for underwater photography as this dive site has an abundance of life.

Recommended Certification – Advanced Open Water
Recommended Experience –20 Logged Dives
Recommended Gas – 21% or Nitrox
Depth Range – 7-24 metres



Due to adverse weather conditions the Master can change dive sites on the day.

*** Check out our dive calendar to see availability for this dive site.

***As this area has large numbers of big pelagic fish, we commonly encounter a lot of fishing boats in this area.

*** Double dive will consist of one dive at 'The Apartments' and a second dive as per listed on our dive calendar.

*** Strong current can be regularly encountered at this site so it’s advised that all divers be experienced and confident. 

***  Grey Nurse sharks information -

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